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I've experimented with plenty of tools in my writing career, but these are the five I use every day. This guide reveals how you can use them to enrich your writing. Click the button to view and download the list for free.

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3 Ways to Create Unforgettable Characters


Atticus Finch Jane Eyre Ebenezer Scrooge Katniss Everdeen Harry Potter Scarlett O’Hara Huckleberry Finn If you’re an aspiring novelist, those names alone should prompt book titles to immediately come to mind. If you’re a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Gone […]

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How Research Amps Up Your Story

Knowledge Book v2

It’s fun to spin a yarn, isn’t it, making up stuff in our writing lairs? But take it from me, it’s a lot more fun when you’ve done some not-so-fun work first: Homework Legwork Spadework I’m talking about research. The Homework is deciding what you’re going to need to know. The Legwork takes you where […]

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