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5 Secrets to Writing Despite a Day Job

Odds are you’re not a full-time writer. Few are. That means you’re writing during pockets of your precious free time, either very early in the morning or at the end of the day. And what else competes for those blocks of time? The kids Your significant other Errands Chores Your need to rest You wonder, […]

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3 Simple Ways to Create Memorable Lead Characters

3 Simple Ways to Create Memorable Lead Characters Image 1

The best stories succeed because of memorable characters. What makes a character memorable, and how can you create one? Not by making him or her perfect, I can tell you that. Who can identify with perfection? Identify? Is that important? You bet it is. We love and remember powerful lead characters because we want to […]

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How to Get Your Writing Noticed by a Publisher

The odds make it seem impossible. Everyone tells you it’s hopeless. Secretly, you fear they’re right. “Getting your writing noticed by a publisher is a pipe dream,” they say. But still, you spend countless hours at the keyboard, carefully crafting your powerful story, ferociously self-editing your work. Because in your heart, you know you were […]

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