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How to Fix Passive Voice

Acquisition editors have eagle-eyes for both talent and for amateurs. They’re looking for stuff to buy and publish, and most are so overwhelmed with submissions, they’ve learned to quickly spot anything that allows them to set your piece aside. Sound cruel? They don’t want reject your writing. But because of their work loads (and their […]

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How to Refine Your Raw Writing Talent

Discouraging, isn’t it? You write a few blog posts and friends shower you with praises. You dream, Maybe I’ve got what it takes to score a publishing deal. But then the music screeches to a halt. You receive a scathing critique by an agent, an editor, an author. And the storybook ending fades. Unfortunately, I’ve […]

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5 Secrets to Writing Despite a Day Job

Odds are you’re not a full-time writer. Few are. That means you’re writing during pockets of your precious free time, either very early in the morning or at the end of the day. And what else competes for those blocks of time? The kids Your significant other Errands Chores Your need to rest You wonder, […]

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