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How Important Is Talent to You as a Writer?

Golf course on book

Picture the field of writing as a professional sports team. Almost every team has one standout, superstar talent. The rest of the team is aware that he is the best, sometimes lightyears ahead of the rest in natural ability, gifted with all the tools to effortlessly excel and eventually land in the Hall of Fame. […]

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5 Ways to Smash Through and Finally Start Writing

Young employee smashing a wall with a hammer

If you’re like I was at the beginning of my career, you have huge dreams. But sadly, the bigger the dream, the greater the frustration when day after day passes without success. The cause—not starting—looks simple. But the fix—starting (which also looks simple)—has you stymied. You know you would succeed if you could just get […]

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7 Really Bad Excuses for Putting Off Writing Your Book

Whats Your Excuse?

When you first started telling your friends and family you were going to write a book, you were as excited as they were, weren’t you? Pumped with adrenaline and the fire of fresh ideas, you saw yourself flush with creativity. Soon you’d be hunched over your keyboard, laboring away, anticipating interviews, autograph parties, and royalties—the […]

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