The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015-16: Your Fast Track to Getting Published This Year



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“Where can I sell my writing?”
“How do I find a literary agent?”
“Which publishing house would be interested in my work?”

These are among the most common questions I get from writers, but there are myriad more.

The publishing landscape changes drastically every year, and it can cost you valuable time trying to keep tabs on it when you should be writing.

Well, that work has all been done for you, and you can have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

After months of research and thousands of dollars, my team and I are proud to offer you the 2015-16 edition of The Christian Writer’s Market Guide. This up-to-date resource will allow you to effortlessly find everything you need in just minutes.

We groom this anthology yearly, updating it with the latest information on the best Christian publishers for each genre, the top recommended professionals, and other little-known opportunities to sell your writing.

This new edition holds over 930 listings for:Market-Guide-3D-Right-V4

  • Book Publishers
  • Magazines
  • Ezines
  • Special markets
  • Freelance editors
  • Writing coaches
  • Agents
  • Publicists
  • Consultants
  • And more

And to add value, I’ve included over 100 pages of the best writing tips and inspiration from my most trusted colleagues to keep you going when you feel like quitting.

My goal for the Guide has always been to take the legwork and stress out of your search for the perfect inspirational writing opportunities. It can take hours just to find a handful of mediocre leads in just one of these categories. But we’ve done the work for you!

If your goal is to get published in the Christian market, this resource is for you. You can grab your own copy by clicking here.

Have you ever tried to search for this kind of information by yourself? Tell me about your experience in the comments section below…

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    Jerry, I sent a PayPal payment of $25 on June 26th to cover the cost and shipping of my book I ordered, The Christian Writer’s Market Guide. I have an online confirmation that it was ordered and paid for, but I haven’t yet received it. Could you confirm that it has been sent out to me? Was it sent out via regular mail, or via UPS. Could you check on it and let me know? Thanks. I look forward to reading and using it.

    • Sorry, Joyce! As we haven’t had any other such reports, we’re hoping that’s a unique glitch. Regardless, we’re on it and will fix it fast, even if we have to overnight one to you. Back to you soon.

      • Jerry, I ordered mine on the 25th and haven’t received it yet. My PayPal transaction ID: 5E6839828M0286441.

      • Joyce E. Johnson

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      • Got mine in the mail today.Thanks! Will be up late tonight going through it :-)

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