My Favorite Writing Resources to Recommend

Some of these are from people I know, and some are mine. But all are at least resources I have used personally. My own blog posts are ones our community has told me have been the most helpful to them.

(Be sure to check back often—I’ll update this page whenever I find something new, and you never know when that might be. I’m constantly on the lookout.)


How to Write a Novel Using The Snowflake Method – Randy Ingermanson

I’m not an outliner, but I know Randy, and I have countless writer friends who swear by his method.

20 Things That Can Help You Find Inspiration for Writing – Live Write Thrive

I really enjoyed this!

Best Writing Blogs for Writers Awards 2017 – Positive Writer

And not just because I’m on the list. :)

Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal – Jane Friedman

Jane’s one of the best in the business, as you should be able to tell from this post.

Advice for First-Time Authors – Michael Hyatt

Michael is one of the top bloggers in the world and an old friend. He published three of my books in the early 90s. This is a great resource.

What To Write Next? The Dilemma Du Jour – Marion Roach Smith

Daily Writing Tips – Great grammar resource.

My Blog Posts

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